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Prosciutto Ristorante


In 1988 the first Prosciutto Restaurant was opened at the corner of Salta and Venezuela streets, located in the traditional neiborhood of Montserrat; and in 2008, Prosciutto expanded into the neiborhood of Caballito, by opening another restaurant on 44 Florencio Balcarce street. Prosciutto is built on traditional tenements belonging to the Buenos Aires historic center. They are remodeled buildings having a strong Italian architectural influence, aimed at harmonizing spaces, and creating pleasant lounges and areas which are worth touring.

In recognition of these achievements, Prosciutto was awarded the International Council on Monuments and Sites (I.C.O.M.O.S.) prize to the best-remodeled building within the gastronomic industry. Prosciutto’s food service proposal is remarkably Italian, as evidenced by its name and style. Hundreds of pieces of ham wait for their turn (one year curing period), so as to become flavored specialties: raw ham, dry-cured Spanish ham, black pepper, garlic, paprika, fine herbs, etc. The hallmark of this restaurant is homemade pasta which is daily prepared in the view of the clients in order that doubts do not stay about their preparation. This participating and complicity environment with the customer turned Prosciutto into an obliged step of the gastronomic tour around Buenos Aires.

Set in a modern canteen with amazing decoration details, Prosciutto also offers a pleasant air conditioning atmosphere and free parking service. After many years of studying and working in Europe, particularly in Italy, Spain and France, the Argentine gastronomic businessman and chef -the founder of Prosciutto- decided to return to Buenos Aires to implement this proposal.
Currently, Prosciutto still keeps its original intention to offer delicious and original dishes, while customers can enjoy the atmosphere of a place typically reflecting how people lived at the beginning of the century in Buenos Aires.

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